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Graduate Profiles

Highline graduates are as diverse as our current students. With over 100 majors represented on campus, our students transition into many different careers around the globe. We have doctors, engineers, nurses, pharmacists and scientists. We have lawyers, CEOs, hotel managers, travel agents and politicians. We have actors, musicians, designers and artists. We have teachers, journalists and librarians. Successful Highline graduates are everywhere.

Highline Alum Becomes Sauce King, Millionaire
After attending Highline from 1970 to 1973, Junki Yoshida went on to create Yoshida's Gourmet Sauce, the first product in what would become a multi-million dollar conglomerate. His success is a far cry from his poor upbringing in Kyoto, Japan. In 1968, at age 19, he came to the United States in search of the American Dream. Now a successful businessman, motivational speaker, seventh degree black belt, and humanitarian, he was named Highline's 2003 Distinguished Alumni and was one of six to earn the American Association of Community College's 2004 Outstanding Alumni Award.

Kuan-Hung "Eleven" Liu, Taiwan
"For many students, preparing materials to transfer to a four year university can be frustrating and nerve-wracking.  When I was preparing my applications for university, I was lucky to be enrolled in the Highline Honors Scholar Program which prepared me very well for the process of transferring.  The skills I developed helped me not only to earn admissions to various prestigious universities, but also to win some scholarships, international internships, and leadership positions along the way.  Let the Highline Honors Scholar Program help you!"
Shan Shan "Vicky" Chu, Hong Kong
"Highline is a very diverse school.  I have met many friends from all over the world.  Instructors are nice and patient.  This helped me to feel more comfortable speaking English and I improved a lot.  Highline also changed my life experience.  I became more involved in school events, so now I feel like school is a fun place, not a place where you only see books in front of your eyes.  I definitely love Highline College."
Dulanjalee Seneviratne, Sri Lanka
"Highline College has allowed me to uncover new aspects about myself.  As an international student I was able to actively participate in extracurricular activities and to get over the culture shock at the same time.  HCC opened a world of opportunities for me and I was able to become an International Leadership Student Council member.  I hope that other international students will discover HCC to be a great starting point for their education."
Giselle Nault

Giselle Nault, Canada
"My exceptional experiences here at Highline go well beyond the borders of the campus. This education extends itself into the community, the clinical experiences, as well as the relationships that are built between faculty and peers. It is definitely a complete education."

Asuka Okuno

Asuka Okuno, Japan
"Shortly after I started at Highline, I got involved in many campus activities. I participated in almost all the events and activities on campus. As I got to know more people, my campus life became much more fun and valuable than ever before. The International Student Programs (ISP) advisors always made time for me and they were very supportive. My friends were always there for me. Therefore, I felt very happy and comfortable even though I was very far away from home."

Berkay Ozkul

Berkay Ozkul, Turkey
"My Highline experience was great! The faculty and advisors take a great interest in students, and they helped me excel both academically and socially. Sometimes it's difficult to adjust to a new country, so it was nice to know there were people I could count on.

I earned my Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Information Systems, and now I'm working in the U.S. on the Optional Practical Training program. The degree gave me the skills necessary to succeed, and the job gives me the opportunity to gain professional experience in the United States.

One important thing I can pass on to future students is the benefit of getting involved on campus. Take the time to join clubs and participate in activities to make friends. Studying at Highline is not only academic, but fun, too!"

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