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International Student Programs (ISP) Office
If you have questions or concerns about your classes, immigration status or life in the U.S., visit us on the 5th floor of Building 25. We are dedicated to making your education at Highline as fun and interesting as possible, so please let us know how we can help you!

Eva Engelhard Eva Engelhard, Program Manager, Advising & Student Life and Leadership

Eva Engelhard helps international students understand the complicated government regulations that come along with being an international student in the United States. Her background and training is in teaching English as a Second Language, and she finds nothing more exciting than witnessing English language learners' transformation to proficient speakers and writers. Originally from the Chicago suburbs, Eva also lived in upstate New York, rural Japan, and suburban England before moving to Washington in 2007. She enjoys performing, and she sings year-round with a local a cappella women's chorus. She also loves coupon-clipping and getting bargains (and free stuff!) everywhere she can, so if you're trying to save money, ask Eva for tips!
Mike Gruberg Mike Gruberg, Program Manager, Admissions and Business

Mike Gruberg is our friendly and outgoing Program Manager for Admissions and Business. He handles admissions, student advising, government regulations and much more, always with a big smile! He enjoys working with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, which gives him the opportunity to learn about customs and traditions that are different from his own. Mike is from the Seattle/Tacoma area, but he has also lived in Mexico and Israel. He loves the rich history of the old city of Jerusalem. Outside Highline, he spends most of his time with his wife and two adorable kids, usually doing something with a Disney theme, like going to Disneyland or watching classics like Mary Poppins and Peter Pan. Just about the only thing Mike doesn't like is paying taxes!
Christian Villasenor Christian Villasenor, Program Manager, International Recruitment & Marketing

Christian, our Program Manager for International Recruitment & Marketing, is native to Seattle, Washington. Christian holds a B.A.(Hons.) in International Relations with minors in History and Political Science from the Richmond American International University in London, England; and a M.A. in International Relations from the London, England Campus of the Hult International Business School where he served in student government as well as student housing and services at both institutions. However, his global educational experience started in 2001 when he went abroad for an exchange program in Europe and again in 2006 in Australia and New Zealand. From these experiences, Christian grew a passion for helping students navigate the various aspects of international education and continues to be fascinated with the unique perspectives that international students from different countries have to offer. For fun, Christian enjoys spending time with his family and friends, good conversation and laughter, international cooking, music, watching documentaries and films, computer games (mostly strategy), and traveling internationally. He is excited to be a part of the ISP family at Highline and looks forward to helping each of you experience America!
Nga Pham Nga Pham, International Student Advisor

Nga Pham grew up 7,416 miles (11,935 kilometers) from Highline College in Saigon, Vietnam. When she was a teenager, Nga moved with her family to the U.S. and she enrolled in classes at Highline College. Drawing from her personal experiences, Nga easily relates to the students she meets as the International Student Advisor. Nga enjoys helping students choose their major and classes, as well as plan for a successful transfer to university. Nga is passionate about assisting students! She is also an advisor for the Vietnamese Student Association at Highline College and serves on many committees in the local Vietnamese-American community. Nga's favorite activities include cooking, traveling, trying new foods and meeting new people. Dont be shy to say hello to Nga, her door is always open and she would like to meet you!
Ana Morales, ISP Program Coordinator

Ana is the ISP Program Coordinator.  She coordinates insurance and scholarships for students, and work with agencies and KaplanChina/Asia students.  She loves helping people from all over the world and learning more about other cultures, food, and world history.  Her passion and interest when she is not working is teaching group exercise.  She likes dancing and getting a great workout.  Her family means everything to her and she enjoys spending time with her two boys and her wonderful husband. She has traveled to Mexico and El Salvador, and her future plans include going to Spain. She has worked in higher education for more than 7 years and she enjoys working at Highline College.
Casey Cleary Casey Cleary, International Student Advisor, Short Term Programs and Internship Coordinator
Casey graduated from Western Washington University where he majored in Ancient Greek and Latin Studies. He began his career in international education in 2008 as an ESL instructor, later transitioning into the role of International Student Advisor in 2012. His international travels have brought him to wonderful locales such as Germany, Hong Kong, South Korea and Brazil. Working with international students over the past years has provided him with numerous opportunities to expand his outlook on what it means to be a citizen of the world in the 21st century, as well as providing valuable lessons in the need for a more understanding approach toward interpersonal communication. In his free time, Casey enjoys literature, film and music. He especially likes watching movies from other countries, both new and old. Films from Japan, Italy and Germany rank among his favorites. He has a vast collection of books, DVDs and vinyl records (with not enough space to hold them in). And let's not forget - just like many of his colleagues in the ISP office, he loves eating all kinds of international foods!
Thu Ho Thu Ho, ISP Front Desk Lead

Thu Ho is our ISP front desk staff. When you walk in ISP office, you will see her right away, and she is willing to help students with any questions. Thu is a former international student of Highline from 2006. She is from Vietnam which has warm temperatures year round. Now she is happy to live in Seattle. From her study abroad experience, she encourages international students to be active and to be open to learn new skills as well as adapting to the new environment, and interacting with other people. Off work, she enjoys cooking, traveling and spending time with her family. In the future, she wants to learn more languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish … so she can take her kids to travel around the world!
Erin Updegrove Erin Updegrove, ISP Admissions Coordinator

Erin is the ISP Program Coordinator for Admissions. Originally from Pennsylvania, she lived in Germany before settling in Tacoma. Erin graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Comparative History of Ideas, and is currently attending the Pennsylvania State University to obtain her Master's degree in Organization Development and Change Management. Erin worked at UW for over 10 years in technology, culture and education departments, and her favorite role was working with international students who came to UW for study abroad programs. Erin has worked in Fiji, volunteered in New Zealand, studied abroad in Berlin, and visited many other countries. Erin loves to learn about the world by traveling, listening to stories, thinking from different perspectives, and trying new things like making chocolate, glassblowing, building computers and devices, and taking art classes. She also likes to explore the Pacific Northwest by camping, kayaking and harvesting oysters. Erin enjoys creating travel itineraries and can give you great tips about fun things to do around the area!


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