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Highline College is a diverse community of students, faculty and staff. We have over 400 international students from 30 different countries who choose Highline for its outstanding academics and vibrant campus life. Here's what some of our students have to say:

Kai-Wen "Shanti" Liang, Taiwan
Highline College is great environment for everyone to study and improve their English skills in reading, writing and speaking.  There are also many activities such as Conversation Pal, GlobalFest, and Volunteer Bank for students to get involved.  Come to Highline and you will have a wonderful life experience!
Yuru Yang, Taiwan
Highline offers not only strong academic programs, but also great leadership opportunities that give me the chance to plan social and cultural events for other students and improve my communication skills.  Most importantly, Highline has trained me to be a confident leader who can influence others.
Porntip Pattaramangkorn, Thailand
"Highline has the opportunity for international students to apply for scholarships.  I got the AA Transfer and Academic Scholarships.  Both helped my financial situation a lot, and supported my dream to finish my International Business Certificate."
Keita Era, Japan
Highline College is the ideal place for me to prepare for my future at a 4-year university.  The availability of the short-term housing option, which is located 5 minutes from campus, also helps me to hang out with friends and focus on studying.  I feel comfortable here.

Saowalak "Lucky" Buamanee, Thailand
"I like Highline College for its diversity and its strong commitment toward its international student population."

Jon Allman, United States
I enjoy hanging out with international students because I can learn a lot about other people's cultures.  There is a lot to learn about people that you can only get through actual interaction, things you don't get from a textbook.  But of course I'm not friends with people just for learning; it's about having a good time, too!  Whether it's playing soccer or Frisbee, at a birthday party or seeing fireworks on the 4th of July, we always have a blast.
YuJeong Chung

YuJeong Chung, Korea
"Recently I moved into short-term housing. I just love it! There are different students from different countries with lots of opportunities to meet, interact and make new friends. I feel like we have a special aura where I live. We are all from different parts of the world, but each of us strives to achieve the same goal - get knowledge for the future. It really ties us together!"

Ayumi Sakamoto

Ayumi Sakamoto, Japan
"I was in the Volunteer Bank which is one of the programs in ISP. I was able to have the opportunity to go to a public high school and teach Japanese in a classroom. It was really something!"

Hong Kong Students
Hear what our students have to say about Highline in our Cantonese video forum.

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