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Arrival & Orientation

Arrival & Orientation

New Student Orientation

Kick off your Highline experience!
You're a new student in a different country, and that can feel scary and overwhelming! But don't worry - The week  before your classes start, Highline will spend a week easing your stress by giving you information and planning activities to help you succeed in school and life while you are in the U.S.

Welcome Week
The week before each quarter begins, we plan a variety of activities to get you started at Highline.  Students will take their Placement Tests and get registered, attend social events and go to Orientation Day.  ALL STUDENTS MUST ATTEND ORIENTATION DAY.  Please make sure you arrive in time to participate!

Please note: For fall quarter only, we schedule two weeks of orientation to accommodate a larger number of students. Students MUST attend the correct Check-in and Welcome Week depending on their student status - Direct or Transfer student.

During Welcome Week, you will:

  • Get to know Highline students and make friends
  • Explore the area around Highline
  • Attend social events and have fun
  • Meet the International Student Programs (ISP) staff
  • Familiarize yourself with campus resources
  • Find out how the staff can help you with problems
  • Learn about immigration procedures and SEVIS
  • Learn how to register and check your account online
  • Learn about Highline processes


Welcome Week Schedule
All new international students are expected to arrive BEFORE the check-in date.  Orientation day is required for all students, so please plan to attend the events and activities during Welcome Week. Students MUST attend the correct Check-in and Welcome Week depending on their student status - Direct or Transfer.

   Date:  Month/Day/Year (MM/DD/YYYY) 

Quarter Application Deadline* Check-In Date** Class Start Date Class End Date
Summer 2018 Direct: May 4
Transfer: May 18
Kaplan Highline: June 8
June 18
10:00am, ISP Office
June 25 August 16
Fall 2018 Direct: August 3
Transfer: August 17
Kaplan Highline: September 7
September 10
10:00am, ISP Office
September 24 December 14
Winter 2019 Direct: November 16
Transfer: November 30
Kaplan Highline: December 21
January 2
10:00am, ISP Office
January 7 March 22
Spring 2019 Direct: February 8
Transfer: March 1
Kaplan Highline: March 15
March 25
10:00am, ISP Office
April 1 June 13
Summer 2019 Direct: May 3
Transfer: May 17
Kaplan Highline: June 7
June 6
10:00am, ISP Office
June 24 August 15
Fall 2019 Direct: August 2
Transfer: August 16
Kaplan Highline: September 6
September 16
10:00am, ISP Office
September 23 December 13
Winter 2020 Direct: November 15
Transfer: November 29
Kaplan Highline: December 20
December 30
10:00am, ISP Office
January 6 March 20
Spring 2020 Direct: February 17
Transfer: February 28
Kaplan Highline: March 13
March 23
10:00am, ISP Office
March 30 June 11

Dates are subject to change. 

* New Student Definitions:

Direct = students who are coming into the US directly from their home country (or another country where they study) with an initial entry I-20 from Highline.

Transfer = students who are transferring to Highline from another school in the US.

If you have any questions about the Check-in or Welcome Week dates in your case, please email us at and we'll let you know.


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