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Change Classes and Fill Out an Add/Drop Form

*12 Credit Reminder*
Before you drop a class, please remember that international students must enroll in at least 12 credits each quarter.  Even if you are failing a class, you cannot drop it if you will be under 12 credits.

1) Check the availability of the classes you want.  Go to the Quarterly Schedule in the "Online Services" area of the Highline web site.

2) Set the correct "Year" and "Quarter," and enter the class item number in the blank box.  Click "Display Schedule."

  • You will find the four-digit item number in the quarterly under each course name and number.

3) When the class information appears, find the "Class Status." 

  • If Class Status says "OPEN" you can register for the class.  Look at "Seats Available" to see how many open seats are left in the class.
  • If the class is full, the Class Status will say "CLOSED."  If you add this class, you will be added to the waitlist.  If you are number 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 on the waitlist, you have a good chance of getting into the class.  If you are 6 or higher, you should consider another class.
  • If Class Status says "CANCELLED," the class has been cancelled and you cannot register for it.

4) Go to the Register: Add/Drop page to access your account.  Enter your Student ID number and PIN.

5) Drop the unwanted class first.  You will see your class schedule listed.  enter the item number for the class you do not want in the white box on the left.  It will disappear from your schedule.

6) Enter the item number for the new class you wish to add in the white box on the left.  The new class will appear on your schedule.

7) Pay any tuition or fees you may owe.  Your schedule will recalculate your bill based on the change.  Check to see if you owe any additional tuition or fees and pay them within 2 days of making the change.

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