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Check Class Availability

1) Go to the Quarterly Schedule in the "Online Services" area of the Highline web site.

2) Set the correct "Year" and "Quarter," and enter the class item number in the blank box.  Click "Display Schedule."

  • You will find the four-digit item number in the quarterly under each course name and number.

3) When the class information appears, find the "Class Status." 

  • If Class Status says "OPEN" you can register for the class.  Look at "Seats Available" to see how many open seats are left in the class.
  • If the class is full, the Class Status will say "CLOSED."  If you add this class, you will be added to the waitlist.  If you are number 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 on the waitlist, you have a good chance of getting into the class.  If you are 6 or higher, you should consider another class.
  • If Class Status says "CANCELLED," the class has been cancelled and you cannot register for it.

4) Go to the Register: Add/Drop page to access your account.  Enter your Student ID number and PIN.

5) Enter the item numbers for the classes you want. Be sure to read error messages carefully. Common error messages include:

  • Unknown item number
  • Unmet prerequisite and a request for an entry code: Read more about entry codes.
  • Class is full: You must confirm you want to be added to waitlist
  • Adjust credits: If you are choosing a variable credit class (such as BSTEC or ESL), you will automatically be given the maximum number of credits. If you want fewer credits, you can specify that here.
  • Too many credits: Students can register themselves for only 18 credits. If you are trying to add more, you must use an add/drop form.

Last Updated March 2017

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