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On-Campus Employment at Highline College

F-1 students are generally permitted to work part-time on the campus of the school that issued their currently valid I-20. No special employment authorization is required from the US government, but students must meet the eligibility requirements set by the school (see below). Eligible students may work up to 20 hours per week while school is in session; they may work full-time during official school breaks.

How can I become eligible to work on the Highline campus?

You can work after your first quarter at Highline if you meet these three requirements:

1) Your GPA must be 2.5 or higher

2) You must be in status with a valid Highline I-20

3) You must have passed the First Step Program (FSP), College Survival (SSER 100) or equivalent

  • International students who began their Highline program in Winter 2017 or earlier are required to have earned credit in College Survival (SSER 100), First Step Program, or equivalent.

  • International students who began their Highline program in Spring 2017 or later must have completed all required Smart Start Workshops.

How do I get a job on the Highline campus?

1) Go to and click "Click here to register!" Set up your profile.
Classification: International Student
Applicant Type: General Fund - On Campus
Citizenship: Non US - Qualified
Visa: Student (F-1) Visa

2) Search
* Mouse over Jobs & Internships and click "All Jobs."
* Scroll down to the search tab and click "Advanced Search"
* Click YES for On-Campus Position, and choose "General Fund On Campus," then click search.

3) Follow the instructions to apply for the job(s) you want. In some cases, you can upload your resume through the myInterfase website. Each employer decides their criteria for the application process. Some employers may contact you for an interview. Be sure to check your Highline email account daily so you don't miss their messages!

4) If you are hired, ask your employer to provide you with an offer letter. They can find a sample employer letter at

5) Submit the employer letter to the ISP front desk. Go to and click on the "SEVIS Page Request Form" to get a Social Security letter. If you meet the eligibility requirements, ISP will prepare your letter in 1-2 business days.

6) Follow the instructions at to get a Social Security Card.

7) While you are waiting to receive your Social Security card in the mail, you should start preparing your "New Hire Paperwork," available at the CASE office and online. Be sure to include the General Fund Referral with your other paperwork. When possible, please type into the forms. All student employees are also required to complete the New Student Employee Orientation and FERPA training, both of which are online. If you complete these at home, please print out the confirmation page with your scores. Or, you can complete these at the CASE Center, as well. They take about 15 minutes.

8) Bring the following items to the Career and Student Employment (CASE) Office in Building 6, room 214:
* Social Security Card
* Completed New Hire Paperwork
* I-94, Arrival/Departure Record (available at
* Passport

* Confirmation scores of New Student Employee Orientation and FERPA Training (if completed ahead of time; see above for more information).

9) Submit your Social Security Number to Highline at This must be done in order to begin work and get paid!

10) Go back to your supervisor to set up your work schedule. IMPORTANT: Student employees cannot begin work until they received a PIN number from Human Resources. This will be sent to your home address through US mail.

Get a Job off Campus

F-1 students are NOT permitted to work off campus. The only exceptions relate to cases of severe economic hardship, in which case the affected student must receive special written permission from the US government. If you have a severe and unexpected economic hardship situation, please meet with an ISP advisor to learn more about how you may apply to receive special permission.

Students who work illegally are considered out of status. Their I-20s are terminated and they risk deportation.


Last Updated November 2018

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