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Conversation Pal

Have you ever wondered

  • What people from other countries talk about most?
  • What they do for fun in their country?
  • What their customs and worldviews are?

The Conversation Pal program gives you the opportunity to make friends, have fun and learn about other cultures!

All it takes is a one-hour per week commitment for one quarter. Interested students, staff and faculty are matched in groups of two or three to hang out and get to know each other for one hour each week. Pals will be provided with great cross-cultural conversation starters to keep the discussions lively!

If you like to meet new people and learn about different customs, traditions and perspectives, give the Conversation Pal program a try! Some teachers will even give you extra credit for your participation. Check with your teachers to find out.

How can you get involved?

  • At the beginning of each quarter (Fall, Winter and Spring), fill out an application and drop it off in the International Student Programs office in Building 25, 5th floor.  Fill in all the information clearly and turn in the application at the ISP front desk.
    Application deadline: The first Friday of each quarter
  • Attend the Conversation Pal orientation.
    Orientation: Thursday of the second week of the quarter
  • Meet with your pal(s) once a week for the duration of the quarter.
  • At the end of the quarter, turn in your participation worksheet. There are some teachers who will give extra credit for Conversation Pal participants.  It is your responsibility to ask your teachers if they offer extra credit.
    Deadline for turning in participation worksheet for credit: Check your orientation packet!


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