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Get Credit for My Classes from Another College or University

Why transfer credits?
The credits you earned at other school might count toward your degree or certificate at Highline.  You can save time and money by transferring those credits!  You will need official transcripts for the evaluation process.

Who is eligible to transfer credits?
Students who have studied at an accredited college or university in the United States or in their home country (must be recognized by the Ministry of Education in your country).

To get your credits evaluated by Highline, please follow these instructions:

1) Get official transcripts from the other colleges or universities you have attended.

  • For transcripts from your home country:  If your transcript is not in English, you must have an independent agency translate and evaluate your credits.  Please check the NACES web site (National Association of Credit Evaluation Services) for a list of agencies.  The process could cost anywhere from US$200-500.   You need to do this before you begin the Highline evaluation process.

2) Complete a "Request to Evaluate Official Transcripts from Other Institutions" form.  You can also pick up the form at the Registration office in Building 6.

3) Complete the form and bring it to the Registration office in Building 6 along with your official transcripts from your college or university.

  • If you had your transcript evaluated by an outside agency, be sure to bring that as well.

4) Transcript evaluations take 10-12 weeks. The results, and any questions the evaluation team may have, will be sent to your Highline email account. Be sure to check your Highline email account regularly.

Last Updated March 2017

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