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Go Home for an Emergency

1) Please go to the ISP office and meet with an advisor to discuss the reasons why you are going home.  The advisor will be able to assist you with dropping classes, possible tuition refunds, and a new I-20.  You may need to submit some documents, like an add/drop form or ISP exit form.

  • Bring your I-20 to your meeting so the advisor can check the signature on page 3.  If you need a new signature, they can do that for you.

2) If your trip is short and you plan to return to finish the quarter, you must talk to your teachers and let them know.  You can work out any homework or testing issues directly with them.

3) You should carry your I-20, passport, I-94 card, and a copy of your most recent Highline transcript when you travel.

If you are leaving for more than 5 months, you will need a new I-20 and a new F-1 visa to return to the U.S.  You will need to pay the SEVIS fee again as well.

Please keep in touch with your advisor so we can provide you with correct information in case your plans change.

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