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Internship Option


Students must study at Highline at least two quarters in order to receive internship credit. It is important to take classes related to your internship field. Students are not simply placed in internships. Although the Internship Coordinator assists students in finding an internship, students are expected to take an active role in searching for their internship. Below are the steps that students must take to obtain an internship. (There is no guarantee that a student will be able to find an internship.)

Step 1: Take BUSN 139 or HOST 139

                                Learn about resume/cover letter writing, interviewing & networking

Step 2: Finalize resume & seek guidance from Internship Coordinator

Step 3: Find an internship

Step 4: Complete the Cooperative Education (internship) Paperwork

Step 5: Register for 140 Cooperative Education (internship)

                                1 credit = 30 internship hours

                                Expect an additional 3-5 hours of weekly assignments

*Students are required to take BUSN/HOST 139 in order to participate in an internship. Students may make an appointment with the ISP Internship Coordinator ONLY AFTER week 6 of BUSN/HOST 139. Also, the student must have already received a passing score on the resume from the instructor.








updated September 2015

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