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Get a Letter to Prove I'm a Highline Student

Enrollment verifications are processed in two ways:
1) International students who already have a Social Security Number on file with Highline College may view and print an enrollment verification certificate.

2) All other international students must submit an enrollment verification form at the Registration Counter in Building 6.

For more information, see

ISP can issue several types of letters that may be useful to you.
- Military Service Letter, verifying DOB, SID, major, first quarter, last quarter, current # of credits.
- Bank Letter, verifying DOB, SID, first quarter, current # of credits, tuition & fees.
- US Embassy or Consulate Letter, inviting relative(s) to apply for visitor visa.

To request any of the ISP letters, please submit the "Letter Request Form" at

Last Updated March 2017

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