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International Student Programs offers scholarships for current international students who demonstrate strong academic and leadership abilities at Highline College.  The scholarship committee wants to see students who earn excellent grades in challenging courses, make an impact in their classes and on the Highline campus at large, and are motivated to succeed in meeting their education and career goals.

Current Highline Students May Apply
Scholarships are only available for current international students at Highline College.  Please read the eligibility requirements below for details.  If you are currently enrolled and you would like to apply for a scholarship, please read and submit the ISP Scholarship Application Packet.


Eligibility Requirements for all ISP Scholarships:

  • You must be an F-1 International student paying non-resident tuition.

  • You must be enrolled full-time and in-status at Highline College.

  • You must be involved in extracurricular activities.

  • You must have completed orientation in its entirety, including all required workshops or classes.

Please note

Tuition Payment Info: DO NOT PAY YOUR TUITION until you have heard from the scholarship committee through your Highline E-mail account.

You can apply for ISP scholarships as many times as you want, but you can only be awarded a single scholarship twice. Also, you can apply for multiple scholarships in one quarter, but you can only win one scholarship in any given quarter. Students eligible for the ISP Honors Scholarship cannot apply for any other ISP scholarships during their final quarter at Highline.

ISP Scholarships:

  • The ISP Scholarship recognizes students with strong academic abilities and an active role in on or off campus activities. 
  • The Leadership Recognition Scholarship rewards those students who demonstrate outstanding leadership abilities on the Highline campus. 
  • The Academic Scholarship rewards academic excellence.
  •  The BAS Academic Scholarship rewards students of Bachelor-level at Highline who demonstrate academic excellence.

 Honors Scholarship


Scholarship Deadlines

  • Fall application deadline: July 31
  • Winter application deadline: October 31
  • Spring application deadline: January 31



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