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Transfer Out of Highline

***All students who plan to leave Highline for any reason must fill out an ISP Transfer Out and Exit Form.***

University Transfer
If you are transferring to a university, please follow the instructions below:

1) Research schools on the web or contact the admissions office for materials to be mailed to your home.

2) Look for admission requirements such as minimum GPA and/or English proficiency to ensure you are qualified.

3) Review the step-by-step application process for your new school

  • Every school has a little different process.  Note, for example, that some universities only accept online applications.  Pay attention to the details!
  • We recommend that transfer students apply to at least 3 universities: the dream school, the good school, and a back-up school that you know you can enter.

4) Apply for admission as early as possible.

  • Check the Transfer Center's "Transfer Timeline and Checklist" to help you plan ahead.
  • Most students apply for admission before they complete their courses at Highline.  There is usually a place to write down the courses in progress or classes you plan to take.  If you wait until you finish your classes before you apply for admission, it's too late!

5) Submit your application materials such as bank statements and home country transcripts.

  • Any documents given to Highline in the past are kept in our files, and cannot be sent to another school.  Ask for new copies from your bank or high school/college.

6) After you have been granted admission, and after you have decided which university to attend, please fill out an ISP Transfer Out and Exit Form so the advisor can transfer your SEVIS record to the new school.

  • Be sure to confirm that the new school has accepted you into their English or academic program.
  • The ISP advisor will release your record in SEVIS to your new college/university after the grades are posted for your current quarter of study, or after graduation.  We are not able to release a student early.
  • Your new school will issue you a new I-20 and acceptance packet. Be sure that the new school has a current address to which to send your new I-20 in the U.S. or in your home country.
  • Once your information is released in SEVIS, the new school has control over your I-20 and immigration record.

Please note:

  • Government rules state that students who cannot begin class at the new school within 5 months of finishing their previous program must leave the United States during the break time.  If a student can begin their program within 5 months, he or she can remain inside the United States.
  • Students must have their record transferred to the new school within 60 days of their program end date.

Last Updated January 2017

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